Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Primary Childrens

My Scared Boy


Yesterday we made a trip to Primary Childrens Hospital for a follow up appointment for Braxton's fractured nogin. I was not expecting the experience we had: The automatic overwhelming feeling that you get the second that you walk through the door, when you see all the tiny patients and their parents parading around with wheel chair and oxygen some even on a gurney bed. I could not help but get tears in my eyes and feel just a portion of what those parents are feeling for their helpless little one. We checked in and had the cat scan which by the way before Brax would go had to see Mac(the truck) go for a ride. Then we had our appoinment with the Neurosurgen, which everything was fine, he said Braxtons fracture is hilling nicely. We kind of had to tell him why we were there and he seemed to think it was not a big deal..probably compared to all the serious things that he sees all day. Anyway I am so gratefull that Brax and Tay are so healthy and that everything worked out good. I do know if I could be that other parent. Bless them and their little ones!

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RhettandCass said...

I'm so glad everything is healing the way it should. Poor little guy. We had to take Leo to Primary's yesterday to have a little surgery done on his ears. He had to get tubes. It definately makes you feel so grateful for healthy children and makes you want to pray more for the families that are not as fortunate! Your boys are darling! Hope everything is going well for you.