Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This about sums up what Brax thinks of his new baby brother. Brax loves and cares for Tayven but to be honest he is just more into his cool trucks and tractors. When he hears Tay cry he will ask "whata mater baby broder" Recently ... this past week he has asked to hold him, this lasts about a minute and then he his done. Thanks Brax for being such a good sport about welcoming a new member of our family..sometimes it is hard.

I feel like Brax is so fun to watch and is always entertaining us, but as soon as I get out the camera he freezes and this is what I get.

This is Tayven at Six Weeks!! It really makes me sick that he is already six weeks. He is such a patient, happy baby. We are so lucky with such good boys!!

I have really enjoyed dressing my boys the same. These are there twin outfits. Cute huh!


Kelci and Jake said...

That pic definitely does not describe Brax, the mischievous smile in the dryer, thats more like it! I love those cute boys of yours!

The Daley Fam said...

They are so cute! I can't believe you have two boys. They look so much alike in your big, black and white picture at the top of the page. I love it!

Ashley Rose said...

Oh my goodness--they are so cute! Brax is getting so big...I can't believe it! I bet you're having so much fun with them!

Kelly and Heather said...

You have the cutest boys!