Thursday, July 19, 2012


Where to start.. Tayven thrives on the chase, he is outgoing and usually can be found in things he should not be in. As crazy as this little guy is I actually love that he keeps us on our toes and mostly that he and Brax are so different. The other night we were up the canyon after a couple rain storms and Tayven found what he likes to call Chocate Water...It was so fun to watch him charge through the mud puddles with a grin on his face. It was all i could do to get him to the next puddle so we could keep moving..It was not until we were about ready to go that Brax decided maybe it looked a little fun. Brax asked if he could try it and he proceeded to tiptoe in with caution. (I loved it!) this small experience showed a tee both of their personalities. Tay a little more adventurous and Brax cautious and putting thought into each adventure.

Tayven's talking is so fun and makes me remember how fun his age is. Although love you mommy is probably my favorite, he can  not help but pick up the naughty words like stupid mommy...(this morning when I was singing to him.) He also is 100% if not more boy.. Shooting bears, Motorcycles and dirt are among many of the boy things that he loves!! He is really easy going and good at sharing. I am happy this wild yet sweet boy is a part of our family. We love and enjoy him very much.

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